Höhle The Cube Hellgrau

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  • PM10427
  • Durchmesser 40 cm
A clean design based on the simplicity of shapes The flawlessness of a graphic shape... mehr
Produktinformationen "Höhle The Cube Hellgrau"

A clean design based on the simplicity of shapes

The flawlessness of a graphic shape surrounding a woven cotton cocoon in which our cats can sleep.

The cocoon offers a soothing and reassuring place. It will convey a feeling of security to your pet, and will allow him to fall asleep easily.

Our products with their pure design are made from natural materials. They have been designed to offer maximum comfort to cats while beautifully dressing our homes in timeless colours. Their subtle design combines curved and straight lines that create a refined cocoon for our cats. Curious and playful by nature, they can take shelter there to observe the world, rest away from prying eyes or even make their claws.

Durchmesser: 40 cm, Öffnung: 20 cm

Maße: 28 cm x 28 cm x 35 cm

Pflege Höhle: Mit einem feuchten Tuch abwischen.

Pflege Kissen: Maschinenwäsche (30°)

Zusammensetzung: Baumwolle, Resin, Metall, Polyester.

Hergestellt in Frankreich 

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